Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Old Buzzard - Hate Filled Half Dozen

hate filled half dozen

This here is the Vulture analog for my project, The Hate-Filled Half Dozen.
He's That Old Buzzard. I'm starting with him in the line-up because the Vulture was the first member of the Sinister Six to appear in Amazing Spider-Man. He's been around since issue 2. So in thinking of Spidey's rogues for my guys I wanted to get as far away from the look and feel as possible, but when I thought of the vulture the name for that old buzzard popped into my head straight away. And I built the idea for him around that. Old guy that's kind of creepy and quite cantankerous. Though with research I discovered that buzzards are actually hawks with very wide wingspans. The Turkey Buzzard was the look I was going for. For the look to come to life I went with a bomber jacket and light red spandex/bodysuit. I also thought flight goggles would fit the character. As the costume came to life so did the back story. He's a war vet that was in the air force and ran a touring airshow, piloting old bi-planes. He based his whole show on old war planes and the modern crowd wanted a lot more pizazz and well, modern planes. So he went out of business, and had nothing to fall back on, a veteran's monthly benefit wasn't enough for him, he was used to the high life of his early days. So to get money and get revenge he sought to rob the more modern airshows ticket and souvenir money. He constructed working wings that he attached to his old bomber jacket and went to town on the competition until he faced the Bounding Grasshopper at an airshow. * he just happened to be in the crowd when That Old Buzzard was robbing the place. After a few bitter defeats at the hands of the Grasshopper he was filled with hate for the hopper, more than modern airshows.
When he gets an invitation to get rid of his problem, he is quick to accept. Where'd the invitation come from. We'll see who next time.

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