Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Old Buzzard - Hate Filled Half Dozen

hate filled half dozen

This here is the Vulture analog for my project, The Hate-Filled Half Dozen.
He's That Old Buzzard. I'm starting with him in the line-up because the Vulture was the first member of the Sinister Six to appear in Amazing Spider-Man. He's been around since issue 2. So in thinking of Spidey's rogues for my guys I wanted to get as far away from the look and feel as possible, but when I thought of the vulture the name for that old buzzard popped into my head straight away. And I built the idea for him around that. Old guy that's kind of creepy and quite cantankerous. Though with research I discovered that buzzards are actually hawks with very wide wingspans. The Turkey Buzzard was the look I was going for. For the look to come to life I went with a bomber jacket and light red spandex/bodysuit. I also thought flight goggles would fit the character. As the costume came to life so did the back story. He's a war vet that was in the air force and ran a touring airshow, piloting old bi-planes. He based his whole show on old war planes and the modern crowd wanted a lot more pizazz and well, modern planes. So he went out of business, and had nothing to fall back on, a veteran's monthly benefit wasn't enough for him, he was used to the high life of his early days. So to get money and get revenge he sought to rob the more modern airshows ticket and souvenir money. He constructed working wings that he attached to his old bomber jacket and went to town on the competition until he faced the Bounding Grasshopper at an airshow. * he just happened to be in the crowd when That Old Buzzard was robbing the place. After a few bitter defeats at the hands of the Grasshopper he was filled with hate for the hopper, more than modern airshows.
When he gets an invitation to get rid of his problem, he is quick to accept. Where'd the invitation come from. We'll see who next time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bright Ideas

The Bounding Grasshopper

So, it begins. This here is the Bounding Grasshopper. The seldom seen heroic antagonist for the upcoming series. I'm toying around with the name Lucas Locasti for his alter ego. But I'm not sure how much of a backstory I intend for him to have. He's the focus of the villainous protagonists, the Hate-Filled Half Dozen. They come up with plans that The Grasshopper easily foils. As The Grasshopper is an analog to spidey, The Half Dozen are analogs to the Sinister Six. Some of the guys have had gender realignment for my stories. And some are interesting takes on the original Ditko characters. I'm toying with the idea of trying to ape Ditko's style for this series. That'll take some work, but it might add to it's charm. Anyway. This is the start.

Little Old Ideas

They may not be BIG NEW IDEAS, but they can grow on you. So I had this little old idea for a comic strip/web comic and it's been growing slowing. Taking shape in my mind. And Now it wants to live. So I've been writing and sketching seeing what works and what is dreadful...keeping some of the dreadful to make it work out in the end.

The basic idea I've been developing revolves around less than competent criminals, super powered criminals discussing their defeats at the hand of a young hero and their plans to unite and destroy this hero. But they end up being pipe dreams, because they don't have the money to follow through with their plans. It's a group of six villains in an homage/parody of the Sinister Six with analogs to the original members if that group. The hero is a Spider-Man analog, but he's not the emphasis of the stories.

I will be posting character sketches and designs first, then I'll move on to the series.
I'm Ironing out the kinks, but some kinks make for interesting patterns.

So, that's my little old idea.

Come Follow Me on this journey.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not Who's Who, but why oh why...2


Antonio Esposito
While studying with a friend in the biochemistry lab Antonio had a fresh brewed espresso, in stead of adding creme he accidentally poured in a chemical solution into his demi tas. The reaction with the espresso was subtle and it didn't add a noticeable flavor, but when he drank it, it altered his molecular structure giving the gift of high energy and super speed. All he wanted was a little pick me up, what he serves now is a double shot of justice.

Culture Shock/Inspiration
Well i saw what country I was assigned and began sketching bad stereotypes, while I was drinking a cup of coffee, leaving a coffee stain on my sketch paper, and my brain said, hey Espresso is an Italian coffee, I did a search on it and one site said espresso was the lifeblood of Italy. I equated the extra energy the caffeine gives you with speed and bam. I said this can work. So I gave him a modified track suit with the colors of the Italian flag, and Stylish shades. The Suit is custom tailored by Armani, the shoes are prada.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Who's Who, but why oh why...

I draw, often. But never seem to get that much better.
But that doesn't stop me, because apparently I'm stubborn.
So my thing has been Comic books since I was about 3 or 4 years old.
I've been making up my own characters since around then too.

The following character is not a product of my youth though. I made him up yesterday.



Name: Al(bert) Lou(is) Minnem -
Height: 6'1" (with Armor: 6'5")
Weitght: 160 Lbs. (with Armor: 215 Lbs.)

Powers: With his helmet ha can access the heat of all the world's toasters for 2-3 minutes at a time.

History: Al Lou Minnem worked as a appliance repairman in the big city. One fateful day a shady character in a long trench coat and fidora came in saying he needed to drop of his toaster because it was acting funny. Al investigated and found out it was a prototype built by GE, but it was military grade. He plugged it in to see if it worked, pushed down the lever and...nothing happened the catch mechanism was jammed down, but it wasn't produing any heat. So he sticks his screw driver in the toaster to lift the tray up. This is when things got interesting. The tray popped up, as well as a beam of intense heat that melted his screw driver instantly, luckily he backed out of th way only receiving minimal burns on his hands and face. Temporarily blinded and in pain he stumbles about and somehow the toaster winds up on his head. Thus the Toastface Killah is born.
Designed for a contest on ComicBook Resources dot Com in their Fourth Annual Project CBRunway. I was sidelined this year because of a little thing like missing the submisssion deadline by two weeks. Anyway this is the sixth round of this years competition an the contestents were to chose numbers and were assigned different kitchen utensils or appliances to base a "kitchy" villain on.