Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Little Old Ideas

They may not be BIG NEW IDEAS, but they can grow on you. So I had this little old idea for a comic strip/web comic and it's been growing slowing. Taking shape in my mind. And Now it wants to live. So I've been writing and sketching seeing what works and what is dreadful...keeping some of the dreadful to make it work out in the end.

The basic idea I've been developing revolves around less than competent criminals, super powered criminals discussing their defeats at the hand of a young hero and their plans to unite and destroy this hero. But they end up being pipe dreams, because they don't have the money to follow through with their plans. It's a group of six villains in an homage/parody of the Sinister Six with analogs to the original members if that group. The hero is a Spider-Man analog, but he's not the emphasis of the stories.

I will be posting character sketches and designs first, then I'll move on to the series.
I'm Ironing out the kinks, but some kinks make for interesting patterns.

So, that's my little old idea.

Come Follow Me on this journey.

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