Friday, April 17, 2009

Not Who's Who, but why oh why...2


Antonio Esposito
While studying with a friend in the biochemistry lab Antonio had a fresh brewed espresso, in stead of adding creme he accidentally poured in a chemical solution into his demi tas. The reaction with the espresso was subtle and it didn't add a noticeable flavor, but when he drank it, it altered his molecular structure giving the gift of high energy and super speed. All he wanted was a little pick me up, what he serves now is a double shot of justice.

Culture Shock/Inspiration
Well i saw what country I was assigned and began sketching bad stereotypes, while I was drinking a cup of coffee, leaving a coffee stain on my sketch paper, and my brain said, hey Espresso is an Italian coffee, I did a search on it and one site said espresso was the lifeblood of Italy. I equated the extra energy the caffeine gives you with speed and bam. I said this can work. So I gave him a modified track suit with the colors of the Italian flag, and Stylish shades. The Suit is custom tailored by Armani, the shoes are prada.


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