Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Madame Mudpie - Hate-Filled Half Dozen

Her name is Mud.
Mudpie to be technical about it, Madame Mudpie. She's the Sandman counterpart to the Hate-Filled Half Dozen. She was a regular girl once. Then she got involved in the world of mud wrestling. She hit all the local circuits and became a real contender. Her coaches trained her in Greco-Roman wrestling, even a little Sumo wrestling and some Judo. She was serious about being one of the best, some of the other girls resentedher for this and after Mudpie's championship match they poured her a victory mudbath, with mud from a toxic landfill in New Jersey. This set her body into shock and all the other girld ran away frightened, but not before she got a good look at the perpetrators. Her coach gets her to the hospital and watches over her hoping she would recover. He's called away to fill out the paperwork and when he returns to her room, all he sees left of her is a smear of mud on her bedsheets. So the coach goes home after a while trying to figure out what happened. MM is at his house waiting for him also seeking answers, but when the coach sees her he has a heart attack at the sight of MM. She looks like she's melting before his eyes. So she sets off after her attackers one by one after she learns how to use her toxic mud powers. She also seeks money for a cure to her problems. This is how she first encounters the Bounding Grasshopper. He bests her in a fight and she falls in love with him. But he refuses her love, adding insult to injury. So she still wants him, but is mad he turned her down. So when Cal O'Marley PHD invites her to join in the conspiracy to take down TBG, she knows she can't pass up this opportunity.

I wanted her appearance to be simple and a little understated, but readily identifiable, like the Sandman. I went with the lumberjack plaid pattern for the top, which isn't as simple as I thought it would be, and some black leggins for pants. Finally threw in some red Chuck Taylor's to make it complete. I like the way it came out and think the dynamic of the character gives her strength and a tragic past you can sympathize with.

The next guy on the list is just a jerk though.

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