Monday, May 11, 2009

Calvin O'Marley, PHD - Hate-Filled Half Dozen

Cal(vin) O'Marley, PHD is the Doctor Octopus of our Hate-Filled crew. A different look all together for this guy, a different approach to a power set too. No metal arms, but he's a hard guy to fight. I also drew inspiration from another Ditko series, the new Blue Beetle. In the first issue of his run BB faced the Squid Gang. I discovered them in a ditko search. I already knew I wanted this character to be squid based, had the mask worked out for a few years, but the squids gave me another power that seemed logical for the character.

He has a gun that shoots "ink," his goggles on his mask can see different frequencies of light and his costume is used for camouflage and can blend into any environment. On top of that he can climb walls with his strategically placed suction cups, that are powered by high velocity vacuums, for surfaces that aren't very smooth. These high power suction cups are very focused when needed and he can selectively attract objects to him from as far as 30 yards away. And when he grabs a victim he uses the suction cups to knock out or poison the victim. His suit is padded and augments his strength. He has an apparatus on his mask that allows him to breathe underwater. He might be more than a grasshopper can handle. But he isn't, he's been beaten many times, that's why he calls together five other villains who have been equally humiliated by a pesky little bug.

He was a former marine biologist working for a major university that had his funding pulled. But he was so passionate about his work he wouldn't let a little thing like a the law get in hi way. In keeping with an aquatic theme he would attack luxury cruise ships, private yachts and transport ships filled with jewels or technology he would find particularly useful. This is how he first encounters the Bounding Grasshopper. Also how he suffers his first defeat.

Next up in the line-up is the Sandman analog.
It's an interesting take on the character, hope you likey.
I'll try to have it up soon.

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