Friday, May 8, 2009

Kamen Rider vs. The Bounding Grasshopper

Well darn it all. Just caught wind of a character that's been around since well before I was born. A "Live-Action" grasshopper themed hero from Japanese TV. The Kamen Rider.

Similarities are only thematic. Don't "jump" to conclusions

I think he came after UltraMan but way before the Power Rangers. Anyway...I was trying to create an insect based character for my "Villainous Protagonists," The Hate-Filled Half Dozen. But oh well. Guess it's hard to have a truly original character when people have been developing Superheroes since the late 1930s. But with this series being derivative anyway I don't think it's that big a deal. Just acknowledging the Rider's existence and noting it's a very different appraoach I'm going for.

I'll try to have the next character up by tonight. That Old Buzzard has been lonely for more than a week. I have the drawing done for the next Villain, it's just a matter of filling it out with color and all that. It should be a goofy and scary take on old Doc Ock. Not a parallel, but he's also based on celophalopods.

One of these creatures is the basis for a villainour protagonist. That beats up on a grasshopper."

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