Saturday, June 26, 2010


Thug-O-Nomics has been around in my head for about as long as Beeboy. I was calling him Rah-Rah at first, "Rah-Rah" was slang for out of control youth from the hood. The character Rah-Rah was elegance in simplicity. He wore his hood over his modified winter hat. He was like my personal Dr. Doom.

Changed him up a little bit, gave him a ridiculous chain and medallion. I really like the medallion design. He's a small time knuckle-head trying to make it big. I had him somehow become an apprentice/disciple of some big bad, learning the ropes to be a mastermind. But he's too short sighted and doesn't usually get what he's after because he's impatient and impulsive.

Well that's the basic gist.

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