Monday, June 21, 2010


It's taken so long to get this guy off the ground and on the site because he is just so silly looking. Not that that's a bad thing the object of this is parody after all. Besides, if Ben Edlund could get away with Chairface Chipenale on the Tick, I figure it's all fair game.

He's the Mysterio counterpart in the Hate-Filled Half Dozen. His background is video game design. He helped develop one of the biggest flops in console entertainment. It was the virtual 3DSpere system. Everyone who ever played it got vertigo or some other nauseating symptoms. He was laughed out of the business and would "never work in this town again." He had to take an IT support job to make ends meet. And he hated every minute of that crap. He was so close to fulfilling his dream.

Now all that got in his way were going to experience his nightmare. He refined his gaming technology achieving interactive 3D hologram hard light constructs. And he used it for evil. This led to him crossing paths with the Grasshopper/Cricket. And that meeting ended with his defeat. Now the Cricket/Grasshopper is on his revenge list.
Cal O'Marley has been in contact with CGI since then. And now the Heroic Protagonist is going to pay.

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