Monday, March 30, 2009

Introductary Introduction

Greetings, it is I. Count Baqula.
I've been kicking around the webs for some time.

A few of my favorite hang outs are, cracked dot com, mightygodking and Comic Book Resources.
On CBR I go by the name Your Imaginary Pal, on the other site, I'm just Count Baqula. I read comic books, play video games, Rap to rap music and hell, now I blog. Well now I blog HERE, as well.

And why not. The only problem is there will be many duplicated posts from my blog on LiveJournal. But reprints have their charm don't they. Consider this the scaled down and edited omnibus edition. And there will be some Blogger exclusives, and I'll do movie reviews here, because I know my opinions are important to somebody.

Here's the illustrated representation of your illustrious Count.

You'll be seeing more of him.

Health and Prosperity until then.

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